nah nah nah nah life goes on.

Life often gets in the way or complicates a lot of things. I set out in 2015 to focus on the balance in my life; financially, spiritually, emotionally, health, knowledge, & growth. I wear many hats in life and it’s time I balance the chaos with more things I enjoy. Gardening, reading, hooping, traveling, taking photos. I am working very hard to accomplish a life for myself above and beyond waiting tables and slinging drinks. Although a respectable career, it’s not the life I dream for myself or want to spend the rest of my days doing. That being said I’m constantly focused on aspirations above what I’ve achieved in life thus far. Nine Photography & Design is my photography business out of Des Moines, Iowa and I’m very proud of the growth and time I’ve spent building a business with my great friend, Megan. Life will resume and inevitably skip off track a time or two, but eventually in the end things always figure themselves out. My sincerest apologies for the abandonment of my blog, but winter blues caught hold of me and led me off track. March, dreadlocks, a new laptop and sixty degree temperatures put motivation and a sense of hope back in my heart that I’ve been waiting for. I promise things will regain strength and balance. I look forward to learning so much this summer and sharing it with you between the double shifts, road trips, photography sessions, weddings, gardening, walking the dog, and camping. Oh and eventually turning 30!