peanut butter & banana dog treats

After my dog, Marley’s, last vet visit I was informed that he’s gained about 7 pounds since his adoption a year ago. Poor guy! So the vet put him on a diet and since then my entire household has been put on a more portioned and realistic food lifestyle, including the binge eating cats. Marley is a pit bull beagle mix…I think. He might be a bulldog beagle mix, but I’m not sure and it doesn’t much matter. The fact of the matter is, he’s now 6 years old and needs a little less weight on his bones so that he can get around until he’s 11 or 12!! I like dirty old men, so I need him around for ages.1

With that being said, I searched high and low for some great alternatives for treats for my husky pup (we don’t fat shame in this house!!). I went straight to Pinterest <—click there for my page- and searched for something that would include more healthy fruits and veggies to include in my dude’s diet. I was surprised with some of the complicated recipes I found and then astonished by the really easy ones that seemed too easy to be good, but then again, he eats cat poop, how good do they have to be? I found the most wonderful recipe for peanut butter banana flax seed dog biscuits from Lola The Pitty and Marley is a HUGE fan. I didn’t try them, but I think he might like them better than cat shit!
Look how simple these ingredients are! I was lucky enough to have all of these on hand any way, but really they’re easy peasy. Disregard my awesome photo set up or vinegar, progesterone cream, and butter…life is messy and so am I.

Lola The Pitty used dog bone shaped cookie cutters, but I didn’t have one and these are for his healthy heart so it worked out. How freaking cute are these? I mean, they smell so yummy and Marley LOVES peanut butter. We have so much in common, he and I. PB & love of cuddling is on my long list5.

OKAY, so here we go with the making of these scrumptious dog biscuits.
First off, gather your ingredients. I find this to be important no matter if you’re cooking for a dog or human.
What you’ll need:
Time…again, that pesky time necessity. Super lame, but needed to complete.
1 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 banana, mashed – I might have used a little more than half
1/3 cup peanut butter
2 tbsp ground flax seed – I’m a slacker and didn’t grind them
1/4 cup almond milk (unsweetened) <—–because your pup is already the sweetest little sweety on the block

Oh and a rolling pin and cookie cutter of your choice. Originally I was going to pick a star or pumpkin (I have mini cutters for every holiday from pampered chef) and a proper working space. My tiny kitchen is always an ordeal to cook in, but I love it, so whatevs. Don’t forget to see the original recipe at Lola The Pitty, I just can’t give them enough praise.

1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F3
2. Combine all of your ingredients into a medium or large mixing bowl
3. Make sure everything is thoroughly mixed together
4. Roll out that goodness on a floured surface for about 1/4 inch of dough. Use your cookie cutter to cut out desired shapes. I used every last bit of the dough to make a bunch of biscuits. I got more than Lola’s 24 because my cutter was smaller-okay with me-grumbled over by Marley the starving dog
5. Put your cut out pieces on a nonstick baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes. I have an apartment sized oven in my house, so sometimes things don’t take quite as long as the recipe calls for.

Marley’s treats are in a airtight container in the fridge.6 5 2

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